Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas)


Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is part of a small cinema chain with only 2 locations, but it’s available in the world’s biggest mall—that allows it to corner over the most popularly visited spot in Dubai. (and UAE). Also Try: Best Cinemas in Dubai (Ranked)

This piece covers Dubai Mall Cinema DEALS, cinema equipment, experiences, and luxury amenities.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is part of a small but powerful cinema chain that offers many cinema experiences that cater to the wants and price needs of a diverse group of people in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) as-well-as the millions of tourists that Dubai Mall receives.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is the only cinema at Dubai’s ultra-popular venue: Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is a popular option for tourists in Dubai (& UAE) due to its location; REEL is primarily available in tourist-heavy spots.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas)’ Experiences

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) benefits from its location in Dubai’s top locations but the chain has refrained from arrogance and so has maintained a push to offer.

REEL maintains its positions in Dubai & (UAE) by offering a wide range of movie experiences that enthuse the masses. REEL excels at both quality and quantity in regard to cinema experiences.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) offers 4 experiences and all of them come with superior and light sound quality.

  • Dolby Cinema – Cinema at its Best

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) has taken the Dolby frenzy to new limits by offering an all-Dolby immersive cinema experience.

    Dolby experiences at REEL in Dubai offer you the best in Dolby Atmos sound; the experience goes beyond surround sound as the cinema halls work in sync with the generously laden Dolby speakers, thereby creating a sound you can feel.

    Dolby Vision is used to produce the ultimate image quality possible and make your cinema viewing an event.

  • REEL 3D – Eye Candy Experience

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas)’ 3D comes to Dubai with great seats, visual angles, & technology.

    REEL 3D In Dubai combines the luxury frills with the best in sound, image quality, and 3D visuals technology to delight even the pickiest movie enthusiast.

  • Platinum – REEL Luxury Cinema

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas)’ Platinum experience brings one of the ultimate luxury cinema experiences in Dubai.

    The experience begins with a marble-laden private lounge for relaxing prior to the movie. Viewers enjoy the movie in a premium leather recliner along with private butler service to order anything from a gourmet menu.

  • REEL 4D – Feel the Cinema

    REEL has brought to Dubai (& UAE) the MX4D Motion EFX Theatre; the most advanced 4D technology available presently.

    REEL 4D allows you to feel all the move’s sudden moves, effects, and scents in sync with the action on screen with the aid of special EFX generators.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) offers a range of movie experience to please the needs of a wide market with differing levels of price sensitivities. It’s not hard to find your fit at REEL.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) Technology & Equipment

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) contain many cinema halls; this saves most visitors the disappointment faced when a show sells out. Despite the quantity available, REEL has not lowered its quality.

The locations are boosted with the highest quality of cinematic equipment possible.

  • Large Screens

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) in Dubai offers viewers Barco Escape, Dubai’s first 3-screen panoramic view theatre. The ultra-wide format allows viewers to enjoy movies in the most engulfing experience possible.

  • Laser Projection

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) uses Barco laser projectors and is the Laser Cineplex in the world. REEL aims for the best in image quality and ensures it achieves its goals through generously investing in its laser projectors.

  • Quality Sound

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) aims for the ultimate surround-sound experience. By using large numbers of Dolby speakers in halls designed to maximize sound quality, users receive the top-notch movie experience they want when heading out to REEL.

  • Comfy Seating

    While seating doesn’t impact the movie, it’s a major aspect of the cinema experience. REEL’s seats are comfy, and if you opt for any premium experience offered by REEL, you’d be enjoying your movie in opulent leather recliners.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) Luxury Amenities

Even though Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is primarily for the everyday cinema outing, it offers viewers the luxury amenities Dubai has spoiled its residents with in its deluxe experiences.

  • Seating

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas)’ deluxe experiences offer luxury seating in Dubai and these make REEL a top contender for the best cinema seating in the Emirates.

    The seats are luxury leather recliners that offer just the perfect amount of comfortableness.

  • Delicious

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) deluxe experiences in Dubai & other Emirates offers a gourmet menu, and food is delivered straight to your cinema seats via a personal butler. The menu offers an extensive amount of options ranging from appetizers to main courses.

  • Blankets & Pillows

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) has a mission to make the movie experience as enjoyable as possible, and that means viewer comfort must be a priority. REEL provides blankets & pillows to ensure viewers remain as comfortable as possible while they enjoy the screening.

  • Private Lounge

    Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) offers viewers who partake in its deluxe options a private lounge that comes with marble-topped service counters.

REEL Cinemas' Food & Drink

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) has partnered up with prominent food & drink chains in Dubai to ramp up its dining options for all visitors.

  • Pizza Hut

    All viewers can munch on some delicious pizza from Pizza Hut as they enjoy their favorite screening.

  • Karak House

    REEL has partnered up with Karak House to offer Dubai’s ever-popular favorite traditional drink: Karak Chai. Movie goers can sip on some hot Karak as they head to their movie.

  • Starbucks

    Starbucks is extremely popular in Dubai and it’s not a surprise that REEL partnered up with the city’s leading coffee chain.

  • Monkey Cookies

    REEL offers Monkey Cookies’ gourmet cookies as a delicious snack that can be enjoyed before, during, or after a movie.

  • Holland House

    Holland House’s fresh, warm, and deliciously gooey pancakes are available in an assortment of flavors at REEL Cinemas.

  • KAR Food

    REEL offers KAR Food’s uniquely colorful burgers as an entrée for all movie goers. KAR’s delicious flavors are a popular meal across Dubai.

  • Gelato Divino

    Gelato Divino is a popular gelato chain and is available in many malls across Dubai. REEL offers the chain’s popular gelato in many flavors.

REEL Cinemas' Deals & Promotions

REEL offers amazing deals to make the cinema experience affordable to everyone as often as possible. Prepare for half-offs, buy-one get-ones, and even free movie tickets!

  • NBAD – 10 Dirham Weekday Tickets

    Get movie tickets for only 10 dirhams on weekdays!

    Get an astounding discount on movie tickets courtesy of NBAD. REEL Cinemas’ tickets are just 10 dirhams when you use an NBAD credit card at REEL locations across Dubai. The offer is valid on weekdays only.

    BONUS: NBAD cards also offer 25% discount on snacks on weekdays.

  • NBAD – 20 Dirham Weekend Tickets

    Get cheap weekend movie tickets: 20 dirhams!

    NBAD customers can get movie tickets at REEL throughout the weekend for just 20 dirhams. REEL Cinemas’ tickets are just 20 dirhams when you use an NBAD credit card at REEL locations across Dubai.

    BONUS: NBAD cards also offer 15% discount on snacks on weekends.


Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) is perfect for the everyday movie-lovers across Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) and it is also a popular option among tourists.

Dubai Mall Cinema (REEL Cinemas) tries to make the movie experience as variating as possible and makes an effort to make it affordable by offering amazing deals with the help of its many partners. The movie enthusiast can enjoy either a very affordable visit to REEL or can enjoy the magic of cinema with one of their deluxe experiences.

REEL is easily accessible as it is available in Dubai’s most popular location: Dubai Mall. By offering various price levels for screenings from across the globe, Dubai Mall Cinema is able to please a wide audience.