7 Most Attended Car Exhibitions in Dubai

Dubai is world-renowned for its fancy cars. A belief of Dubai’s streets being littered with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other sports cars is globally prominent. Even Dubai’s police and their cop cars have made headlines for utilizing a Bugatti. So it mustn’t be a surprise that the UAE celebrates classic cars with exhibitions dedicated to some of history’s most impressive vehicles. Fret not, these aren’t just for petrol heads.

Many of these displays feature beautiful historical pieces that anyone can appreciate, and often many displays are accompanied with an opportunity to learn about the era that respective vehicles were developed in. Also Try: Essential Things to See & Do in Dubai (Do NOT Miss Out!)

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1. Dubai Motor Show — Best Auto Show in Dubai (& UAE)

This is the ultimate celebration of cars in all their glory—Dubai style. The Dubai Motor Show is a premium exhibition of the world’s greatest cars and car manufacturers. It thrives from global attention, commands crowds to its display, and features some of the best automobiles to come. The only drawback is that it happens once every 2 years on odd-numbered years (from November 14 to 18, 2017, and the following one will be on an undisclosed date in 2019). Also Try: Ranked – Ultimate Water Sports in Dubai (Some are SCARY!)

Cost: Free

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Contact: N/A; only media calls are requested

Dubaing ScoreTM: 5/5

2. Emirates Classic Car Festival Downtown Dubai – Best Classic Car Event in Dubai

The festival brings together an amazing collection of classic cars that also open doors to the history of evolution of the global automobile industry. Over 350 classic cars, trucks, and (even) motorcycles were featured here and they brought visitors from across the globe. No costs are put aside here as celebrity photographers capture shots of visitors, movie screenings are placed, and a brilliant display of a live restoration of classic cars is open to all visitors.

This is an annual Dubai event and happens at a specified date, generally a month before its execution. Also Try: 10 FREE Beaches in Dubai (Yes, FREE!)

Cost: Free

Timings: Disclosed one month in advance of event

Contact: eccf@emaar.ae

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4.5/5

3. BONUS: Emirates National Auto Museum – Best Classic Car Event in Dubai

The museum features one of Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh’s personal car collection of 200 vehicles. This is a fun trip showcasing the world’s largest truck, classic American cars, a large fleet of off-road vehicles, and the Mercedes rainbow collection.

Cost: AED 50 per adult, free for children under 10

Timings: Daily from 10am to 6pm

Contact: (971) 055 749-2155

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4.5/5

4. BONUS: Emirates National Auto Museum – Leading Classic Car Exhibit in UAE

This museum might be small, but it bangs quite a punch! The museum considers itself the top spot for sighting classical cars in the country. It features classic cars from some of the most renowned car brands like Rolls Royce and Jaguar. Ranked: Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi (FANCY)

Cost: AED 5, children under 5 for free

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm; Friday from 4pm to 8pm

Contact: (971) 050 623-1323

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4/5

5. BONUS: Emirates National Auto Museum – Best Car Exhibit & Auto History Museum in UAE

This isn’t just for car lovers. This museum features a portion of history as it displays hundreds of classic cars and everyone can appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship and handiwork that made these vehicles. The museum takes visitors through the development of the automotive industry and has 5 sections, each displaying a specific historical timespan. Ranked: Top Science Museums in Dubai (So MASSIVE!)

Cost: AED 10 for adults, AED 5 for children under 12, free for children under 2

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm; Friday from 4pm to 8pm

Contact: (971) 050 623-1323

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4/5

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