NOVO Cinemas


NOVO Cinemas is the second largest cinema outlet in Dubai (and UAE). Also Try: Best Cinemas in Dubai (Ranked)

This piece covers NOVO locations, DEALS, cinema equipment, experiences, and luxury amenities.

NOVO Cinemas, previously termed Grand Cinemas, is a major Middle Eastern cinema chain that offers many cinema experiences that cater to the wants and price needs of a diverse group of people in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE).

NOVO Cinemas is available in many Emirates at popular venues like malls and so NOVO is easily accessible to movie-goers. NOVO Cinemas is an industry leader that caters to all types of cinema demands at various price levels in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE).

NOVO Cinemas Locations


  1. Al Ghurair Centre – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai
  2. Dubai Festival City Mall (DFC) – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Festival City, Dubai
  3. Dragon Mart II – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Mirdif, Dubai
  4. Ibn Batuta Mall – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Ibn Batuta Mall, Dubai

Abu Dhabi

  1. The Mall at World Trade Centre – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi
  2. Abu Dhabi Mall – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi
  3. BAS (Baniyas) Mall – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: BAS Mall, Abu Dhabi


  1. Sahara Centre – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Sahara Centre, Abu Dhabi
  2. Buhairah Centre – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Buhairah Centre, Abu Dhabi
  3. Mega Mall – Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Mega Mall, Abu Dhabi


  1. Manar Mall — Cinema (NOVO)
    • Location: Manar Mall, RAK

NOVO Cinemas outlets are certainly different in architecture and ambiance, but such differences are very subtle—the primary difference is just location.

NOVO Cinemas offers various movie experiences and most of them are available in most branches. Everything from the food and seats to the lighting and cinema structure varies with the chosen cinema experience.

NOVO Cinemas is a strong contender to be the leading cinema experience in Dubai (& UAE).

NOVO Cinemas’ Experiences

NOVO Cinemas is the second largest cinema chain in the United Arab Emirates.

NOVO maintains its positions in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) by offering a wide range of movie experiences that enthuse the masses. NOVO excels at both quality and quantity in regard to cinema experiences.

NOVO Cinemas offers 4 experiences and all of them come with superior light and sound quality.

  • 7-Star Level – Most Luxurious NOVO experience

    Dubai is the home of all things 7-star as luxury pushes bounds here. NOVO Cinemas’ 7-star movie experience is arguably the most luxurious cinema experience in Dubai (&UAE).

    You are given opulent recliners, a gourmet menu with food served by your personal butler, a VIP lounge with an exclusive entry to the cinema, and, finally, a valet parking.

NOVO 7-Star is only available at NOVO Cinemas’ Ibn Battuta Mall, World Trade Centre – Abu Dhabi, & Dubai Festival City Mall locations

  • NOVO IMAX – For the Movie Fan

    NOVO IMAX in Dubai (& UAE) is a cinema experience like no other.

    NOVO IMAX cinema halls combine technology with detail to cinema design and space engineering to offer the ultimate movie experience. The seating perfectly relaxes you while the leading tech in cinema offers you the best surround sound and image quality.

    Additionally, NOVO utilizes dual projection and special 4D effect seating to boost viewer experience and joy.

NOVO IMAX is only available at NOVO Cinemas’ Ibn Battuta Mall & Dubai Festival City Mall locations

  • NOVO 3D – Eye Candy Experience

    NOVO Cinemas’ 3D comes to Dubai & other Emirates with the whole pack—great seats, visual angles, & technology.

    NOVO 3D In Dubai (& UAE) diches the luxury frills and caters to the movie enthusiast by aiming to provide the best surround sound, image quality, and 3D visuals.

  • Thrill Ride – Cinema for the Senses

    NOVO has brought to Dubai (& UAE) the MX4D Motion EFX Theatre; the most advanced 4D technology available presently.

    NOVO Thrill Ride allows you to feel all the move’s sudden moves, effects, and scents in sync with the action on screen with the aid of special EFX generators

NOVO Cinemas offers a range of movie experience to please the needs of a wide market with differing levels of price sensitivities. It’s not hard to find your fit at NOVO.

NOVO Cinemas’ Technology & Equipment

NOVO Cinemas branches contain many cinema halls; this saves most visitors the disappointment faced when a show sells out.

The locations are boosted with the highest quality of cinematic equipment possible.

  • Large Screens

    NOVO Cinemas in Dubai & other Emirates offers viewers the opportunity to enjoy the magic of cinema with IMAX. It’s locations that don’t offer IMAX still host large screens that maintain the movie magic viewers hope to enjoy.

  • Dual Projection

    NOVO Cinemas aims for the best in image quality and to ensure this NOVO utilizes dual digital projection; this ensures that viewers get to enjoy the sharpest image quality.

  • Quality Sound

    NOVO Cinemas aims for the ultimate surround-sound experience. By using large numbers of Dolby speakers in halls designed to maximize sound quality, users receive the top-notch movie experience they want when heading out to NOVO.

  • Comfy Seating

    While seating doesn’t impact the movie, it’s a major aspect of the cinema experience. NOVO’s seats are not luxurious but they are comfy. However, if you opt for any premium experience offered by NOVO, you’d be enjoying your movie in opulent recliners.

NOVO Cinemas’ Luxury Amenities

Even though NOVO Cinemas is primarily for the everyday cinema outing, it offers viewers the luxury amenities Dubai has spoiled its residents with in its deluxe experiences.

  • Seating

    NOVO Cinemas’ deluxe experiences offer luxury seating in Dubai (and UAE) and these make NOVO a top contender for the best cinema seating in the Emirates. The seats are opulent recliners that offer just the perfect amount of comfortableness.

  • Delicious

    NOVO Cinemas deluxe experiences in Dubai & other Emirates offers a gourmet menu, and food is delivered straight to your cinema seats via a personal butler. The menu offers an extensive amount of options ranging from appetizers to main courses.

NOVO Cinemas’ Deals & Promotions

NOVO offers amazing deals to make the cinema experience affordable to everyone as often as possible. Prepare for half-offs, buy-one get-ones, and even free movie tickets!

  • Mashreq NOVO – 50% Off Tickets

    Get half priced tickets courtesy of Mashreq Bank any day of the week!

    Get 50% off on tickets when you use a Mashreq NOVO or Mashreq Credit credit card. The offer is valid across all NOVO Cinemas in UAE and gets you an amazing deal to enjoy a movie at half price when you use a Mashreq NOVO or Mashreq Credit credit card.

  • Etisalat Smiles – 50% Off Tickets

    Get half priced tickets courtesy of Etisalat any day of the week!

    Etisalat customers can get 50% off on tickets, but there is a limited supply available for these vouchers. The vouchers can be hard to get but the offer is valid across all NOVO Cinemas in UAE and gets you an amazing deal to enjoy a movie at half price.

  • Student Promotion – 15% Off

    Students across the Emirates get 15% off on tickets purchased at NOVO Cinemas courtesy of NOVO cinemas.

    Get a discount when you show your student ID when purchasing the cinema ticket at NOVO Cinemas across the UAE.

  • Free Ice Cream – Kids Only

    Every Saturday, little movie-goers get free ice cream at NOVO.

    Children aged 12 or below receive free ice cream at NOVO cinemas every Saturday.

  • Citibank BOGO – Buy one, get one Free

    Get a free ticket with the purchase of one ticket when you use a Citibank credit card. The offer is valid across all NOVO Cinemas in UAE and gets you an amazing deal to enjoy a movie with another person for free when you use a Citibank credit card.

  • Barilla Restaurant – Buy one, get one Free

    NOVO Cinemas has partnered up with Barilla Restaurant branches across the UAE to allow NOVO customers to get a free main course with the purchase of any main course. To avail the deal, just show your NOVO cinemas ticket or ticket stub at any Barilla Restaurant branch across the UAE. The deal works on weekdays only and must be availed within 7 days of purchasing the movie ticket.


NOVO Cinemas is perfect for the everyday movie-lover as the chain has branches in many neighborhoods across Dubai & other Emirates (UAE). This allows movie goers to enjoy a neighborhood cinema that offers world-class amenities.

NOVO Cinemas tries to make the movie experience as variating as possible and makes an effort to make it affordable by offering amazing deals with the help of its many partners. The movie enthusiast can enjoy either a very affordable visit to NOVO or can enjoy the magic of cinema with one of their deluxe experiences.

NOVO is easily accessible as it is available throughout UAE at various price levels for screenings from across the globe.