ROXY Cinema


ROXY Cinemas is the first boutique cinema offering in Dubai (and UAE). Also Try: Best Cinemas in Dubai (Ranked)

The company offers an exclusive cinema experience by offering amazing amenities at surprisingly affordable rates. ROXY Cinemas is paving the way for boutique, high-quality movie experiences in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE).

ROXY Cinema Locations

  1. The Beach – ROXY Cinema
    • Location: JBR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Box Park – ROXY Cinema
    • Location: BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  3. City Walk – ROXY Cinema
    • Location: Al Safa Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

All ROXY Cinemas differ from each other in design and that creates a valuable incentive to try all ROXY branches.

Moreover, not only is each branch’s ambiance different, ROXY offers different viewing experiences at each branch. Everything from the food and seats to the lighting and cinema structure varies from branch to branch.

ROXY Cinemas is a strong contender to be the leading cinema experience in Dubai (& UAE).

ROXY Cinemas’ Experiences

As the first boutique cinema in Dubai (and UAE), ROXY has had to define its own standards for the magical experience cinema used to be. ROXY Cinemas offers 5 experiences and all of them come with superior light and sound quality. The main differing factor is the environment offered by each experience.

  • The ROXY – Setting High Standards

    The namesake experience—The ROXY—brings cinema lovers reclining luxury seats, delicious gourmet eats, and retro interiors with an ambiance that celebrates the magic of cinema the right way.

The ROXY is only available at ROXY Cinemas’ Box Park location

  • Director’s Lounge – Ultimate Cinema Experience

    The Director’s lounge is a cinema experience like no other.

    Prepare to be spoiled with plush, reclining seats and a private butler service—you’re about to get the true director experience. Moreover, this experience comes with its own cinematic style as screenings are done in a lounge-like setting.

Director’s Lounge is only available at ROXY Cinemas’ City Walk & The Beach locations

  • Editor’s Suite – Laid-back Cinematic Comfort

    Editor’s Suite brings the most exclusive cinematic experience to the brig screen. With limited seating, Editor’s suite ensures viewers get spacious seating and little disturbance between the screens and their sight.

    With a more laid-back ambiance, the Editor’s Suite leaves the luxury frills aside and ensures the viewers retain their attention towards the movie as there is nothing to distract them.

Editor’s Suite is only available at ROXY Cinemas’ City Walk location

  • The Set – Pushing Bounds

    The Set is ROXY’s push to break the bounds of traditional cinematic concepts by offering a stadium-style seating accompanied by powerful surround sound systems and a powerful image display.

The Set is only available at ROXY Cinemas’ City Walk location

  • Cinema on Demand

    ROXY Cinemas is the only option in Dubai (& UAE) to enjoy any movie of your choice on a large screen with Dolby sound systems. ROXY allows movie lovers to pick a movie of their preference and then request it to be shown at a ROXY screen. This is the largest step towards consumer-centric goals in the cinema industry.

Cinema on Demand is only available at ROXY Cinemas’ Box Park location

ROXY Cinemas’ Technology & Equipment

Each ROXY Cinemas location is not packed with screens; thereby retaining the boutique standard. The locations hold 5 screens but are boosted with the highest quality of cinematic equipment possible.

  • Large Screens

    ROXY Cinemas offers viewers the opportunity to enjoy the magic of cinema the right way: via large screens.

  • Digital Lasers

    ROXY Cinemas aims for the best in image quality and to ensure this ROXY utilizes digital laser projections for all their screens; this ensures that viewers get the best image quality.

  • Quality Sound

    Despite the limited number of seats available in each ROXY cinema hall, the cinema halls are packed with 16 Dolby speakers—that’s practically 1 speaker for each viewer. ROXY’s efforts ensure the viewers receive the ultimate surround-sound experience.

  • Luxury Seating

    While seating doesn’t impact the movie, it’s a major aspect of the cinema experience. ROXY’s seats are hand-made in Italy and use the best leather to ensure your viewing experience is the best it can be.

ROXY Cinemas’ Luxury Amenities

To stay on par with the Dubai experience, ROXY offers viewers the luxury amenities Dubai has spoiled its residents with.

  • Seating

    ROXY Cinemas’ seating is easily the best offering among all cinemas in Dubai (and UAE). The seats are hand-crafted leather masterpieces—comfortable softness is perfect when enjoying a movie.

  • Delicious

    ROXY Cinemas offers its own exclusive and delicious menu with recipes from master chefs, and the private waiter service to your seat blends well with the menu service.

  • Privacy

    ROXY Cinemas’ halls are not crowded as they can hold a very limited crowd. This lets customers enjoy their movie in a private setting; in fact, you can even have a cinema all to yourself.

  • Customer-centric

    This is the only cinema that allows customers to decide what they want to watch. However, for this on-demand service, you will need to contact ROXY Cinemas in advance.

  • Ambiance

    ROXY Cinemas is a true celebration of cinema. The company genuinely loves its industry, and the devotion to the world of cinema is visible in ROXY’s theme, architecture, and décor.

  • Bistro

    ROXY Cinemas has its own bistro with an impressive retro ambience. The bistro addition truly adds the old-school cinema style; this transforms ROXY Cinemas into a business that truly loves movies.

  • Blankets & Pillows

    ROXY Cinemas has a mission to make the movie experience as enjoyable as possible, and that means viewer comfort must be a priority. ROXY provides blankets & pillows to ensure viewers remain as comfortable as possible as they enjoy the screening.


ROXY Cinemas is perfect for the genuinely enthusiastic movie-lovers. ROXY Cinemas tries to make the movie experience engulfing; the theme and décor of ROXY’s cinema halls add an exponential value to the movie experience. The movie enthusiast will have a unique experience when watching a movie at ROXY as the environment shifts to admiration of the magic of cinema from the entrance step.

There is power in details and ROXY Cinemas focuses a lot on details. The focus on detail spreads to ROXY’s sound and image quality as no expense has been spared to ensure viewers love their experience. ROXY’s lighting, interior design, and décor have been meticulously assorted to deliver an ambiance that appreciates cinema like no other.

ROXY is an experience by itself; even if the movie disappoints, the overall experience of watching a movie at ROXY cinemas will be a delight.