The 5 Most Impressive Science Museums in Dubai

Science museums are a unique destination; they develop knowledge while also being entertaining.

United Arab Emirates features some of the most interactive, hands-on science displays that will entertain and educate people of all ages.

This is a ranking of the best science museums in Dubai; prepare for scientific fun in Dubai and its neighboring emirates.

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1. Dubai Museum of the Future — Expected to be UAE’s Best Science Museum

This museum intends to establish a unique concept among museums across the world: rather than displaying history, display the future that lays in humanity’s grasp. This museum aims to be a standpoint for new ideas, designs, and concepts. It intends to use cutting edge technology to show replicas of societal and technological changes to come. Ranked: Dubai’s Best Art Museums (Very RARE!)

NOTE: Coming Soon (2018)

Predicted Dubaing ScoreTM: 5/5

2. BONUS: Sharjah Science Museum – Best Science Museum in UAE

Sharjah Science Museum is a celebration of science in Sharjah; it is one of the most interactive museums in the UAE.

Sharjah Science Museum is expansive and features 50 exhibitions and involves plenty of interactive events for kids. The museum offers hands-on (safe) experimentation, and an interactive look into the laws of physics, nature, physiology, and aerodynamics.

The museum goes beyond a learning experience; its exhibitions are interactive enough to give all ages an enjoyable time. Ranked: Dubai’s Best Heritage Zones & Museums

Cost: AED 10 per adult, AED 5 for children under 12, free for children under 2

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm, Friday from 4pm to 8pm

Contact: 06 5668777

Dubaing ScoreTM: 5/5

3. BONUS: Al Mahatah Museum Sharjah – Best Local Aviation History Museum in UAE

Al Mahatah was the first airport in the gulf region.

In 2000, it was turned into a museum. Despite being a literal airport, the museum’s artefacts are in a small area. Visitors will get an opportunity to see the discontinued airplanes that used to actively utilize this airport to pave the way for the region’s economic growth. Ranked: Experience 5 Ways to Experience Dubai from the Sky

Cost: Free

Timings: Daily from 8am to 8pm; Fridays from 4pm to 8pm

Contact: (971) 06 573-3079

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4/5

4. BONUS: Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park – Best Desert Museum in UAE

Sharjah National History Museum and Desert Park museum gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of a desert. It also gives a detailed look into the local wildlife.

Cost: AED 10 per Adult, AED 5 per child

Timings: Saturday to Wednesday from 9am to 5.30pm; Thursday from 11am to 5.30pm; Friday from 2pm to 5.30pm; closed on Mondays

Contact: (971) 06 531-1411

Dubaing ScoreTM: 4/5

5. BONUS: Sharjah Archaeology Museum – Best Archaeology Museum in UAE

One of the largest museums in the city, Sharjah Archaeology Museum’s name clarifies its purpose.

It offers an extensive discovery of the heritage and history of the city. The museum tries to show the ways of some of the most ancient civilizations that used to live in UAE, and then takes you on a path displaying how their customs and lives changed over the course of centuries.

Cost: AED 10 for adults, AED 3 for children under 12, free for children under 2

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm; Friday from 4pm to 8pm

Contact: (971) 06 565-5466

Dubaing ScoreTM: 3.5/5

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