STAR Cinemas


STAR Cinemas is a chain that specializes in Indian cinema for Dubai (& UAE). However, to capitalize on the popularity of Hollywood movies, STAR Cinemas has always featured all Hollywood blockbusters. Also Try: Best Cinemas in Dubai (Ranked)

This piece covers STAR locations, DEALS, cinema equipment, experiences, and luxury amenities.

STAR Cinemas is an expansive cinema chain that offers standard cinema experiences that cater to the wants and price needs of Indians living in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) as-well-as Bollywood enthusiast.

STAR Cinemas is available in all emirates except Umm al Quwain & Ajman.

STAR Cinemas Locations


  1. Lamcy Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Lamcy Plaza, Dubai


  1. Star Cineplex – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: City Centre Sharjah, Sharjah

Abu Dhabi

  1. Star Bawadi Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Bawadi Mall, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
  2. Star Al Ain Mall – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Al Ain Mall, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
  3. National Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Al Danah, Abu Dhabi
  4. Grand Safeer Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Safeer Mall, Abu Dhabi


  1. Star Dana Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Al Ittihad Road, Fujairah
  2. Star Century Cineplex – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Century Mall, Fujairah

Ras al Khaimah

  1. Gulf Cinema – Cinema (STAR)
    • Location: Al Muntasir Road, RAK (Ras al Khaimah)

STAR Cinemas outlets are certainly different in architecture and ambiance, but such differences are very subtle—the primary difference is just location. Most of the branches are tailored to meet the likes of a Bollywood-centric audience.

STAR Cinemas offers standard cinema experiences and the amenities are limited to the basic food stand.

STAR Cinemas is a popular option for Indian expats in Dubai (& UAE) and is easily accessible due to its location in major plazas & malls in most of the Emirates.

STAR Cinemas’ Experiences

STAR Cinemas benefits from its ability to target a specific audience; the chain targets Indian expats and matches the price needs of that demographic.

As the major portion of Indian expats in Dubai (& UAE) have price elasticities that core on standard cinema, STAR Cinemas fulfills its audience’s demand by offering the standard cinema experience.

STAR maintains its positions in Dubai & (UAE) by offering Bollywood blockbusters and novel, niche Bollywood releases while focusing on only the major-budget Hollywood releases. Additionally. STAR Cinemas has not made sacrifices on quality and that allows its audience to enjoy screenings at a budget pricing.

STAR Cinemas offers few experience but it comes with good light and sound quality.

  • Standard – Classic Cinema

    STAR Cinemas offers only the basic cinema experience, and that is not an issue: the standard cinema experience is time-tested and is enjoyed all across the globe. You will enjoy your movie on a large screen with good sound quality.

    All STAR Cinemas include the basic food stand which offers cinema staples.

  • 4DMX – Live the Movie

    4DMX at STAR Cinemas is an opportunity to experience the movie at a whole new level. The cinema hall utilizes scents, wind tunnels, water effects, and motion seats to produce the film’s scenes in real-time engagement with viewers.

STAR Cinemas offers few movie experience and mostly screens Bollywood movies to please the needs of a specific market.

STAR Cinemas’ Technology & Equipment

STAR Cinemas’ outlets contain many cinema halls; this saves most visitors the disappointment faced when a show sells out. Despite the quantity available, STAR offers decent quality.

  • Large Screens

    STAR Cinemas in Dubai & UAE offers viewers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movie on a massive screen.

  • Quality Sound

    STAR Cinemas aims for an amazing surround-sound experience. By using large numbers of Dolby speakers in halls designed to maximize sound quality, users receive a top-notch movie experience.

  • Comfy Seating

    While seating doesn’t impact the movie, it’s a major aspect of the cinema experience. STAR’s seats are comfy enough to allow viewers a relaxed environment.

REEL Cinemas’ Luxury Amenities

Even though REEL Cinemas is primarily for the everyday cinema outing, it offers viewers the luxury amenities Dubai has spoiled its residents with in its deluxe experiences.

  • Seating

    REEL Cinemas’ deluxe experiences offer luxury seating in Dubai and these make REEL a top contender for the best cinema seating in the Emirates. The seats are luxury leather recliners that offer just the perfect amount of comfortableness.

  • Delicious

    REEL Cinemas deluxe experiences in Dubai & other Emirates offers a gourmet menu, and food is delivered straight to your cinema seats via a personal butler. The menu offers an extensive amount of options ranging from appetizers to main courses.

  • Blankets & Pillows

    REEL Cinemas has a mission to make the movie experience as enjoyable as possible, and that means viewer comfort must be a priority. REEL provides blankets & pillows to ensure viewers remain as comfortable as possible while they enjoy the screening.

  • Private Lounge

    REEL Cinemas offers viewers who partake in its deluxe options a private lounge that comes with marble-topped service counters.

STAR Cinemas’ Deals & Promotions

STAR offers amazing deals to make the cinema experience affordable to everyone as often as possible. Prepare for half-offs, buy-one get-ones, and even free movie tickets!

  • Dubai First Bank – BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) Tickets

    Get a free ticket with the purchase of one ticket when you use Dubai First Bank credit cards.

    The offer is valid across all STAR Cinemas in UAE throughout the week for ANY show and gets you an amazing deal to enjoy a movie with another person for free when you use a Dubai First Bank credit card.

  • First Gulf Bank – BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) Tickets

    Get a free ticket with the purchase of one ticket when you use First Gulf Bank credit cards.

    The offer is valid across all STAR Cinemas in UAE throughout the week for ANY show and gets you an amazing deal to enjoy a movie with another person for free when you use a First Gulf Bank credit card.

  • GO Credit Card – 2 Free Tickets (Buy One, Get One Free) Tickets

    Get 2 free tickets to STAR Cinemas every month; exclusive offer for GO credit card holders.

    The offer is valid across all STAR Cinemas in UAE throughout the week for ANY show and gets you 2 no-strings attached tickets to STAR Cinemas every month!


STAR Cinemas is perfect for the Bollywood enthusiasts living in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE). This allows movie goers to enjoy a neighborhood cinema that offers world-class amenities.

STAR Cinemas tries to make the movie experience as variating as possible and makes an effort to make it affordable by offering amazing deals with the help of its many partners. The movie enthusiast can enjoy either a very affordable visit to STAR.

STAR is easily accessible as it has an outlet in 5 emirates. By offering various price levels for screenings from across the globe, STAR Cinemas is able to please the developing tastes of its particular audience.